Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gardening for Beginners – a brief guide

We all love to dream about our beautiful, lush and green garden. But sometimes reality brings us back to Earth, and lack of time and sufficient funds spoil our plans.

Eight tips for beginner gardeners who help you succeed:

  1. How do you imagine your dream garden? Want to make a playground for children to plant fruits and vegetables or create a sea of flowers?

Sometimes it is difficult to combine all the desired things. So, try to restrain yourself, at least in the beginning. To create your paradise will take time and patience. Before starting work, consider what features you want to have a garden – you want recreation areas, playgrounds, alleys with flowers, etc.

  1. Start gradually …

If you have just bought a house with a garden, do not overdo the first season. You may find garden dream the previous owner filled with perennial plants that will continue to flourish. In some areas, it may be necessary to excavate and refresh the soil.

  1. How much work can be done by your own efforts?

It is important to balance your time, knowledge and funds. For many lovers of the garden greatest pleasure is to take care of everything. Other people turn to professionals: landscaping companies and landscape architects. But remember, you can always call the neighbors for help …

  1. What are the weather conditions?

At the beginning it is advisable to check with your nearest garden centers or nurseries. They are familiar with everything on vegetation, climate and soil in your area. To save money, never choose plant accidentally.

  1. Height, time, color.

It is better always to keep in mind three basic things: height, time, color. Select species with successive periods of flowering so will prolong the color season. Combine colors that combine well with each other. Consider whether tallest plants will not cast a shadow on the lower.

  1. Quality worthwhile.

Of course, the shops are full of cheap flowers and tools. But plants can not thrive in poor and nutrient-depleted soil and tools must be strong enough to withstand more than one season. Always buy quality materials and tools. We believe that it is better to buy fewer but better tools that will use much longer.

  1. Share with your friends and neighbors.

No need everyone in the neighborhood to have its own cultivator. Ask neighbors do for you or combine them by dividing costs for some major purchase (and always choose quality products!). You can swap or give away plants, share tips and plans or to help when you need to carry something heavy. In gratitude, invite all guests and have fun in your garden!

  1. Useful tool for the novice gardener
  • Shovel for digging
  • Rake
  • Mower
  • Secateurs
  • Horticultural scissors
  • Hose irrigation nozzles and sprinklers

We took these tips from some friends, working in End of tenancy cleaning London company. We hope we have been helpful with this article and have helped you to find the gardener in you.

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