Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Move out cleaning

I found an interesting article on the web about how to clean your home when you move out and I might add few more useful tips.

Pay attention to the bathroom

Comes the turn and cleaning the bathroom! This room is probably the first thing that your landlord will check upon receipt of the keys, so you pay special attention. Here again, comes to the rescue mixture of water with vinegar or baking soda. It does the job of cleaning the toilet, shower and grout in the bathroom as quickly and easily get rid of limescale and soap stains. Bathroom mirror you can clean with a special detergent for glass, be sure to remove all their belongings from the room, with towels, toothbrushes and others.

Leave the refrigerator in good condition

It is important never to leave food in the refrigerator of your old quarters because over time it can create an odor. To leave the refrigerator in the best possible form, unplug it from the power supply, remove all the products from it and add to 1 liter of water 1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice. Using a soft cloth and gently wipe the resulting solution appliance, with a focus on the shelves and drawers. Finally, polish with a dry cloth or paper to obtain a brilliant result!

Make a list of small things that you can forget

When releasing the old one place is good to make a list of all the small items and devices that you can forget. This can be as small appliances like a toaster or a juicer and personal belongings such as books, clothes and various decorations. For the sake of clarity we recommend that you divide your belongings into categories so that it is easy to navigate through the list and do not miss anything. This trick helps when traveling on business for a long time or when you are on vacation and it’s time to leave the hotel.

Clean the windows and doors with home remedies

It is desirable prior to release the apartment, to clean all the windows and doors, so save yourself reprimand from the landlord. For this purpose wipe all the glass and mirrored surfaces with a soft cloth and glass cleaner and for a refreshment of the wooden doors, use cleaner for wood that does not leave traces and give the surface a beautiful sheen. The most contaminated areas are usually the door handles and the space under them, gathering dust, that is why they pay the most attention.

Clean under the furniture and refresh the carpets

Besides being the right thing to go vacuum the floor everywhere, well comes and the help of a friend with whom to move larger furniture and clean the dust beneath them. Do not forget to pat the carpets and mat at the front door. If you have potted plants in the apartment, it is better to discuss with the landlord if he would care for them if there is nowhere to put them in your new home. Finally, after carefully examine the apartments, you can give keys and attempt to furnishing your new home


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