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How often should we wash our bras and other clothing

We bet that laundry is not among your favorite activities (neither of us). Especially when we are talking about delicate tissues that need to be washed by hand. Among them ranks and bra. Unlike filthy T-shirt, we can be tempted to wash our bras less frequently because still not visible. But is it a big mistake? Today we introduce you to experts about how often you should wash our bras and other clothing.

According to dermatologist Josh Zaykner should wash our bras after every 2-3 dressing, but the average woman makes it very rarely because it does not look so dirty. But no matter whether bra looks dirty “materials that have close contact with the body retain more sweat, grease, dirt and bacteria, so it should be washed more often,” said Zaykner.

Average person produces each Day 1 liter of sweat, sebum 40 g, 10 gram (or 2 billion!) cells and 10 grams of salt – and even more so when the sport. And it is transferred to your clothes as “invisible” grime.

It is therefore advisable to follow the following table about how often you should wash the different clothes:

  • Bra: After 2-3 to 5 wearings and after, if you exercise with him.
  • Underwear: After each wearing.
  • Socks and tights: After each wearing.
  • Sportswear and swimwear: After each wearing.
  • Jeans: After 5-6 carries. Although some say that jeans do not need to be washed, it’s not quite true. It is better to wash frequently and with cold water, but after their 5-6 laundering carries helps to maintain their original shape. One of the directors of Levi jeans wash his every six months.
  • Coats: After 1-2 wearing.
  • Dresses: After 1-2 wearing.
  • Leggings: After 1-2 wearing.
  • Trousers and skirts: After 3-4 wearings.
  • Jackets and coats: After 5-6 wearings.
  • Coats: Every two months wear.
  • Pajamas: After 3-4 dress.

+ Bonus:

  • The bags should be cleaned with an antibacterial wipe each week.
  • The phones must be cleaned every day.
  • The sheets should be washed every week.
  • The mattresses must be vacuumed or steam cleaning every six months.
  • Pillows should be washed every three months.
  • Bathrobes be washed after 4 uses or at least once a week.
  • Hairbrush cleaned once a week.

Laundering is one of the things that could easily be done by yourself. And with today’s advanced technology only thing required of us is to put clothes in the washing machine and push a button. Already there are washing machines, which are tuned to a specific time of switch on, determine how much detergent to use, etc. Overall human effort is minimized.Completely different are the things with cleaning our homes. As good and strong detergents we can use cleaning of the house takes a lot of time and effort from us. It is very convenient and affordable option  to use the services of a professional cleaning company as End of tenancy cleaning East London. Depending on the area in which you live may look comfortable agency that will suit your requirements.

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