Thursday, May 12, 2016

End of Tenancy Cleaning Done Right

If you are living in London, you are well aware of the housing situation here. The prices of real estate are getting higher and higher and more and more people choose the option of living in homes for rent. They are relatively cheaper, but for sure are more convenient and offer you flexibility and comfort. So you get used to it and even enjoy changing your neighborhoods and houses in a couple of years. But there is a little something that makes this option super unattractive and you start hating the fact that you cannot afford buying a house just before you move out. And it is not random. The reason is clear and well-known and for a surprise of all those who don’t live in United Kingdom or at least in London, it is a cleaning. Before you leave this rented place and move in another, you need to perfect it and bring the entire accommodation back in perfect condition. After that the landlord or a representative would come and inspect your house, and if he or she finds even the tiniest imperfection, you lose the entire security deposit. Yeah, that easy you can see those several thousand disappear. And because of that single task, every tenant hate being a moving out tenant and every tenant abhors the after tenancy cleaning. No matter what, however, if you are in a rented house, you will be forced to cope with it. So learn how:

Plan it Advance

You need to be well aware of when your rent agreement is coming to an end. You need to be better informed than the inspector. So when you see that the final date is coming and you have a month or two left, start considering all your possible options for a future rent as well as for a cleaning. Contact the landlord and arrange a date for the inspection. Right after that choose an appropriate cleaning team and arrange an appointment with it, as well. Keep in mind that the professional cleaners would like to know what the conditions of your house are so that they can come prepared and in minimal amount of time could perfect your house. This means that you better give them honest and real information.

Pack in Advance

After you know the actual date you will be leaving this house, you will be able plan the packing, as well. There would be things that you will need till the very last second in your house, but there would be some you won’t need at all and you better pack in advance. The clothes will be hanging in the wardrobe till the very last week, but the books, frames and photos could go in labeled boxes earlier. Thus you won’t have to pack everything in a limited amount of time and go mad.

Chill in Advance

And not only. If you have done the preparation and organization right, you have done the entire end of tenancy cleaning right, as well. Now, chill!

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